Your thoughts on silence

May 2020
Is it possible to live a good life and see reality as it is without daily silent meditation/reflection on yourself and the world?
Can we even say that it is our duties as rational beings to practice daily times of silence?
Religious people talk about four important times of the day, ie morning, midday, evening, and night (before sleeping). It seems to me that we some kind of silence during those times of the day. Those who work at night have to adjust a bit. Sometimes we can onlyhave inner silence during the day but still practice inner silence.
It seems that we live our lives based on our anxious thoughts rather than real thoughts that come from silence.
What do you think?
Mar 2020
I'm 31 and I've learned from my dad that inner silence is important all day long. Your job will be too loud to have too many thoughts in your mind. Even when talking to people you don't want to be thinking more than your saying.

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