May 2021
Neodesha, KS
I'm finding this harder than I thought I would.

I'm a 59 year old man, physically handicapped from the age of 3. The same incident that damaged my body also did a number on my psyche, as well as my emotions. To make things worse, an adult male member of my extended family decided to have his way with me. I can only imagine that it had to have been a shock to my young mind because I blocked it from my conscious mind for two and a half decades. In the meantime, however, I began acting out in inappropriate ways, both in private and public. (Imagine a seven year old boy excusing himself in the middle of church service to go to the men's room to masturbate.)

I'm a sex addict. I've heard uneducated imbeciles say, "I could handle having an addiction like that!" But, no... you don't handle an addiction of any kind. It handles you! With some of the situations I've put myself in, I'm either lucky or blessed to be alive today. Although I hate that I've had to go through this, I would rather it was me than either of my siblings, or any of my cousins.
Apr 2021
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Hello there!

I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through so much. That shouldn't happen to anybody.

You have a big heart to be able to say that you'd rather bear the trouble than let any of your dear ones take it. My respect to you.

No good deed remains unrewarded. I believe somewhere, somehow the good that you do (and I'm sure you will continue to do) will be compensated for.

As for the not-so-good things... though one cannot change the past, but one can resolute towards improving in the present, and leaving the rest behind.

Research says that fasting can lower urges. I've tried and tested it myself as well so I thought I might share it with you.

I see that you understand the truth of what addiction truly is. Sounds like the first step's been taken, so you're already on your way to overcoming your difficulties.
Good for you! and can I just say, thankyou for sharing this. I feel that many of us could benefit from what you've learned and expressed

I pray for you the very best in your journey to success!
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