Would you consider nationalism a form of fanaticism?

Jul 2021
I mean, we generally refer to fundamentalism in terms of religion, mostly, but what about the nationalist, what kind of reason is that. I can say I have done something great for my country, but saying I have done something great, when I actually do something really bad, such as bullying someone, etc., or engage in something like crime because of my nationality, sorry that is just nutty, and I am not saying the person is immature, or that they are rude and raised badly, but sort of... I don't understand why your nationality has to be the reason to get ahead in life. But someone who gets hired with no empathy, I am not against them, but generally I have the right not to want to consider them as great, as I'd rather have someone who is at least empathetic, I mean, you can't get forced. I don't force others to hire me, I do a presentation and then they say ok you are hired, and put in a lot of hard work or effort, I don't abuse others to get ahead, but yes, those abusers you should beware of, as social media has plenty of them.