Why would an Austrian criminal listen to an Irish criminal?

Jul 2021
So I was stalked by a bunch of Irish (both criminals and I think they were actually in it together, they had a lot of people involved from certain countries, such as the UK, and pretty much everywhere), unfortunately it turns out regardless that I was a victim of crime, and it was established by the court in my country, they got away with it in the UK that protects them due to links with the police, however today I received a strange an email by some Austrian (actually he sent me 5) and he had been stalking me since last year and I wasn't aware of, and I do feel intimidated because he now has my address, and upon checking why would a complete stranger email me such crap, it seems he is acquainted with this Irish stalker again, so even if it is against the law and the courts have proved the stalking, I am still being stalked, by their friends, in Austria... I mean supposedly this Austrian person even managed to get a degree in Psychology, but was stalking me? I don't think you can take certain universities in Europe seriously if two organised criminals have a degree? He acted like a criminal, not like a psychologist. I don't understand why would anyone believe a criminal over their victims, just over their race, but I do hope he gets raped and harmed by her as a result of this, because psychopaths use you but then they will throw you under the bus. I eventually wrote to him that I do not accept that behaviour and that it is up to the Swiss authorities to find out why he emailed me 5 times asking me for information he didn't need at all. It puts my life in danger, this is very serious stalking behaviour. I found this so upsetting I began crying, it is absolutely disgusting. I don't think they should be allowed to travel abroad, as they stalk you.
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