why there is more drawings of pokemon than call of duty?

Apr 2020
Hi, i'm not really cultured on cognitive psycology, and i search an answer to a question but it's hard to find because i dont really know where to search presicely:

Why some fictional worlds are maintained by the public beyond the scope of the work and other are not : communities make a lot of fan art of pokemon, but ,not of call of duty. Or people play some role play games of lord of the ring and star wars, but not of gone with the wind?

I suppose it could be because the universe of the world is appealing than other for the public, but i would like to learn more about it, or at least know where to look

maybe it does'nt concern cognitive psychology or psychology at all, and I would be sorry for that.
Mar 2020
I think it is very interesting that you placed trends under cognitive psychology.

If trends can be categorized under cognitive psychology, then marketing, business, economy, politics, and religion are all cognitive psychology.

I haven't explored cognitive psychology much myself. But this really perks my interest.

I've struggled with disturbingly aggressive propoganda trends, which have made me feel violent and challenging in a dysfunctional way for much of my life. It would be interesting to see how to fight this attack on myself by studying a field of psychology that it falls under.

Unfortunately I'm afraid someone could try to manipulate trends with psychology in the opposite way and even try to destroy certain types of people by creating trends against them.

To answer your question.

Gone with the wind is a beautiful story of commitment to me, but the current trend is to avoid gruesome true history and the level of commitment that gone with the wind accurately displayed. As well as the fact that the movie was made so long ago and not remade for most people living today to really understand it.

Lord of the rings was relatively obscure till the movie came out and it won 11 academy awards so now no one hasnt heard of it. Yet it has already fallen into obscurity for the most part because it wasn't a popular theme. Even the Hobbit movies fell flat and Peter Jackson could not afford to make the silmarillion.

As far as Pokemon vs call of duty. I believe the trend is for teenagers to have superpowers and not to join the military and work hard to serve their country for less than adequate payment and treatment from their countrymen when they return home handicapped. Also military personnel tend to return to the military in preference to becoming citizens because they simply arnt appreciated in America. Whereas your average teenager would love to have some superpowers that he never had to do anything to acquire, especially in the form of cute little creatures.

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