Why play fun on the psychology forum?

Sep 2010
Ok...this is good question.

First. People find others who have similiar issues on this site. Thos that do, know that they are not alone.

Second, there are educated people who can help with an emotional issue.... and, advice is invaluable.

Now, I address the next.


Without humour, forum posts die. It's humour that helps people know they are not alone...

Imagine...just being serious. "I understand and imagine what you feel." This is what sufferes of certain emotional areas put down to let people know they are not alone.

It's good allow people to know they are not alone... We need to know tha,t and have people allow their personal experiences to allow others to know...that they are never alone. They're never alone. So much good happens from allowing people to know that other's are like them. Not alone...but, part of community on this site.

Next, is people who know how to help people...
Hold on.. the site is creating flip flops... hold on
Sep 2010
People who know and have knowledge of emotional issues are invaluable. There insites give you the specific needs you need to help with an emtional issue.

The next is over looked.

A humor aspect. This doen'st mean belittling what you are feeling... no way is anything like this on this site.

What it does do? It shows how human we are. Sometimes...good humor can help in many ways...if it's tactfully.

Imagine going through an emotional problem. You feel alone. You come to the site and you find... clinitions and sufferes alike. You find information on how to deal with the situation.

But, in real life... there are friends. They're there to help and support you. They bring out the best in you becuse they are firends... concern, basic friendship and humor.

This is forum.

It encompasses many aspects of healing. Professionals, sufferers...and the general population who are trying to understand us.

But? It's forum. Many people..putting down what they think and how they feel...and humor is one if them.

If see humous post by me. Rest asured that it is in your best interests. Because friendships have quality. And, forum...also have that quality.

That means...as a poster... you put down...EXACLY WHAT YOU FEEL!

This is what it's all about. Helping people, within an approch that allows a frienship feeling with the posters.

So, If I start making humour... all trying to do i show you...YOUR NOT ALONE IN THE ISSUE!

Can I spell these words? OF I Can't...I don't care!

Just as long asd I am doing something for you. SEE?

SO, In summary...so to speak... your not alone...never alone! We are here.

That's what it is


You're absolutely right
A psychology forum isnt an article in a 50's psychology magazine.
Humor and games do liven things up and being a pretty depressed person myself, i know that it helps.
Keep this spirit up!