Why if a paranoid person makes a mistake others don't ignore it, I think if you really cared for someone you would forgive

Jul 2021
I mean, I have been at the receiving end of plenty of these situations, but I simply ignored them, however I don't get those who take things out on others, and act moody, I feel like a doormat-slave or an object of use to fix situations that have nothing to do with me, but that are those adults' responsibilities. At the same time, I feel too old for my age, and Idk what to do about that, I'd like someone really mature my age, either female or male, but it seems noone is mature enough. I mean the cat is more mature than certain people my age or so. Also you must have a support network and not be codependent at the same time, but when some people snob you after they used you, you just become a doormat and so it just becomes exhausting and I give up on everyone and just want to care for my own interests etc. and I let them sulk and manipulate someone else into their mind games I don't have time for.
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