Why does my attitude/personality change so much?

Jul 2020
Hi. I am a male almost 25 years old and I have read a lot about psychology to understand myself because I notice that my personality and/or attitude changes based on triggers. My case is as follows: I have triggers that make my attitude and/or personality change. Some of my triggers are: my energy levels, certain songs, the circumstances, the context, conversations, facial expressions, thoughts, etc. For example: When I have low energy levels, or sometimes when I see my cat and/or dog, or if I happen to see a child's programs like “Peppa Pig”, my voice and personality switches to that of a child. On the other hand, if my energy levels are high, or if someone/something makes me angry, or if I hear an aggressive song, my voice and personality switches to very dominant and aggressive. It’s important to clarify that when my attitude and/or personality changes I always remember everything and have no amnesia. The personality switches occur as soon as there's a trigger. For example, if I am on a nightclub and a song has an aggressive beat to it, I switch instantly to that very dominant and aggressive personality until the song ends (meanwhile that aggressive song plays I start approaching the opposite sex with total confidence, I just make very strong eye contact and start making out with them). It’s worth mentioning that when I get angry I become and feel very aggressive to the point of feeling possessed (while in that state I have very strong feelings of power and omnipotence which make me feel like a God). Because of that, many times in the past I could have gotten in big trouble with the law but luckily I never went to jail because even when angry I am still logical to a certain extent so I don’t do anything that bad. Just to add, I have gone to many psychologists/psychiatrists in the past but they never helped me understand myself, instead they just wanted me to take medications which I never wanted to because I don’t really need them since I am a very logical person. As far as any past traumas from childhood, when I was a child and my mom would take me to school and then leave me, I would get very sad and start crying a lot because I didn’t want her to leave so I do think that could have affected me as a traumatic experience. Also, my changes in attitude and/or personality doesn’t really bother me at all. I just always wanted to know what my case is about (out of curiosity). Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.
Aug 2020
Seems you have experience and acceptance.
Control the aggressive pattern is one of my targets. Why ? . Mainly because affects me directly. Don't make me happy.
Also I am trying to obtain pleasure.
Best Regards