Why do I make friends with people without friends?

Nov 2020
Hi everyone!

Brand new here.

Really want to ask something I've been thinking about but have not been able to get my head around.

It's - why do find myself making friends with and becoming close to and attached to people without friends? It's happened in secondary school and in uni too... they can either not have friends because they're picked on by others, or just because they can be a bit socially awkward and thus not able to make friends very well.

Is this out of some deep sense of pity and sympathy on my part, or is it more perhaps their feelings of loneliness and ostracisation resonating with me internally?

Would be intrigued to know.

Mar 2020
I see a person without friends to have more potential to give me all their time. It makes a better more intimate friendship. And the fact that you're so valuable to them, and a rare opportunity, I might add, they will work harder on the relationship if they don't want to lose you.

If you wanted to hire a person, would you want him to be loyal? Then go get the guy who is desperate and pay him less.

It's the oposite of popular statistics.

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