Why are our thoughts believed in the first place?

May 2011
Marble, N.C.
I see what I believe is reality to me. But I believed I was in control of my life, I wasn't. I believed a lie so I would not have to belief the truth. So why do people believe a lie instead of a truth? I do not see thoughts as images but as hearings of the thought,(I see the thought as a printed word, but hear the thought in my mind). I look out of my window and see reality but science says no, my brain will not see the true image of matter but only my reality out side my bedroom window.

So why are our thoughts believed in the first place? Thoughts please. pljames
Feb 2011
We're on the 'same page'. I just posted at 'solving sakoz puzzle', what would possibly 'fit' here'.
"Why are our thoughts believed in the first place?"I find it a intriguing question. (notice my wording, I wrote,"I find it a...etc." I did not write ,"It 'IS' a..etc" "IS" implies it's a fact, universally true for all people at all times, but that is not true, some people could not care less. I speak for myself, I'm not the spokesperson for others; we have enough of those already at this forum.)
In order to answer the question,(I think) we ought to differentiate "involvement perspective" from "witnessing perspective".
Let's look at others 'doing it', so as to be 'objective'. It's been reported that in the old west, some cowboys shot at the 'villan' on the movie screen(the first time they saw a movie).
It appears they 'believed' the image on the screen was real. I posit, that we are still as naive as those cowboys, only the images we react to are in our head on the 'screen of consciousness'.
Let me contrast the cowboys and us, they mistook 'movie images' for real, we mistake 'thought images' for real. Let us use a movie projector as an analogy in our case too. The cowboys saw the images but knew nothing about, film, projector, light, electricity involved in the phenomenon. They perceived and reacted to perception; cause and effect.
We do likewise; but would we if we knew what's involved? We perceive images (on the screen of awarenes). those images are the result of thoughts (film) projected by mind/consciousness (light). Brain (projector) powered by what source?
I mentioned "involvement perspective" and "witnessing perspective". Einstein said it's from meta-perspective we solve 'problems'. "Shifting" to meta-perspective reminds me of the old alka-selzer commercial, "OH, WHAT A RELIEF IT IS."
I didn't answer the queston but I gave a,solution for alleviating, even avoiding the deleterious effects of misplaced/inappropriate/subliminal 'believing'.
( Here's a 'secret'; you can 'trump' the boors when you 'operate' at the meta-perspective level and they at their lower-conditioned-belief-system. No contest. It's like judo, they fall on their ass.
Your composure remains intact; they upset themselves.) :D