Why a lot of psychopaths are located in Scotland?

Jul 2021
For instance it states that the psychopath who just posted a comment on my question is located in Scotland, but I know it is a pandemic of psychopaths from there and they do all sorts of things. Why is the international community so blind to this phenomenon? An example, the European Union is completely unaware that this country has the highest amount of psychopaths, you name it, anywhere you walk there you might encounter one and even online, they are committing crimes. Their leaders are psychopaths, and their Police is too, but Europe seems to take a stand against those countries that are against these organised criminals. Why is it that Europe is so weak in standing up against psychopaths. They have networks of crime everywhere and can even be found online. What are the psychiatrists doing there? I just don't get why psychopathy is so underdiagnosed and why everyone else worldwide has to suffer because of psychopaths, and because their countries fail to report them and bring them to justice. I was stalked and assaulted by two Scottish strangers, and neither was brought to justice, because the politicians and police protected them, but why do they protect psychopaths-drug dealers, and not the victims from them. And as you can see, they even come online to commit their crimes online? It's rather strange. I feel like Europe should recognise this problem and protect other people from them. I mean, in the rest of the world, I think corrupt individuals are brought to justice and beaten up at least, in self-defence I can't say I disagree with that, and I am not a violent individual. I understand they are countries with lots of corruption, but why their organised cybercrime is not prevented either?
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