What's wrong with myself?

May 2021
Hello, I'm teenager from Poland. I'm here to ask You for help because since the beginning of online learning last year something weird happened to myself. In Poland everything has started back to March in 2020... We started taking part in on-line school system and it became tedious day by day... Waking up and repeating everything as it was one day before. I haven't done anything since the past year other than repeating day by day like some kind of rewind movie. I thought that it will become less irritative because we finally get back to school but it isn't going anywhere. I don't have time for what I used to before lockdowns and everything, waking up seems like happened just before going to bed and even new atmosphere and going outside the home doesn't make me feel integrated with reality around me... Back in the days I used to feel every object that was surrounding myself, today I see and even can't think clearly about one thing in front of. My mind is somewhere else, thinking about the same things again and again and it feels like I'm sleeping non stop. Coffeine, daily sport activity exercises, cold showers, emotional movies... Nothing works for me. I feel like I'm hibernated or something... Help me get myself back to reality... Plus my eyes are worse and they feel wrong after one year in front of PC... Gosh, society ruined us. I have no doubts that many of young ppl feel the same or worse, or even got depressed. I want to live with full breath as I am young! I deserve to!