What's the cause for copycat crime, what kind of personality is it?

Jul 2021
And what to do to prevent it? Maybe watching people get away with crimes, does confuse some people that it is the way to go about.

According to this article, people affected with schizophrenia, I presume paranoid personality as well as autism are at risk of doing such things, so again the theory on autism isn't so wrong, but then it is not a high functioning autism, because I don't see this in the high functioning one, I see this in the low functioning one who is also paranoid, so the paranoia thing is the trigger, of this. The question is how do you teach morals to a low functioning autistic person if they lack the empathy to understand. I see other autistic slapping them to bring them back to their senses, and it seems they do stop when they get a taste of their own medicine/disciplined, but for someone like me who is not violent, nor physically strong, to respond in kind, it is not easy.

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