what is social immaturity?

Dec 2020
my parents have been moving around ALOT, so life was hard on me

i told my psychologist that i want to go back to living in my old hometown, where my childhood friends are

but the psychologist said that i was selfish to ask my parents such a thing

the psychologist even wrote in his report that i have a "narcissistic personality", all because of what i said.

why am i a "narcissist" just for saying that i want go back to living in my old hometown?

the psychologist also berated me for having difficulty making friends

i told him that's cause i move around alot, so i keep losing friends

the psychologist then told me that he himself had no trouble keeping all his friends since his childhood, so why should i be any different, according to him.

in the end, he also wrote in his report that i was "socially immature"

i cannot find a definitive definition as to what the term actually means, but i always thought it was related to what he said about me not being able to make friends earlier, but what does the term truly mean, exactly?

also, since nobody had bothered to stop my parents from moving around so much, which resulted in me losing all my friends, why should i get accused of being socially immature? doesn't seem fair don't you think?
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Mar 2020
First of all. I am for real socially immature. I believe people out of respect and a hope that someone will tell me the truth. I believe in a world where people have honor and integrity for what they say. I believe in a world where people work hard for money to buy what they own.

This is all nonsense since 1960. But I would rather believe in it than live in the real world, which belongs in satan's ass.

I say what I want regardless of consequences, and when someone crosses me, I give them a piece of my mind. And when someone invades my privacy and corners me in person. I punch them in the face.

I've been locked up 5 times, but I am not ashamed. I have been banned from 6 social media platforms. There are only 10 in the world. I have never had a girlfriend who was less than 15 years older than me. When met people from my schools they pretended they didn't see me. People like not telling me the truth and keeping secrets from me. It's the funnest game in the world. And questioning my integrity is a well known international recreational sport.

Even Jesus puts his hand in my face. When I looked myself up on people search, it said I was on the terrorist watch list. Satan speaks to me frequently. And I've heard voices nonstop since 2016. I was drugged at a homeland security contractor job in 2007. And I've been hunting the obama kiddie cia ever since, with incredible sucess.

This is social immaturity. It might not be you.

Rent legal insurance for $61/mo at legal shield online, and voice record your therapist. And send them the voice recording. Then you can sue them. I've done this 7 times. And it's main source of income.

May the third power bless you.

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