What is personality?

Jan 2020
All the features both apparent and the job apparent ones that we own make us. And together we all are an individually separate and unique blend of qualities that make us and that defines our personality.

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Mar 2020
The personality according to the enneagram is different parts of the brain which people prefer.

The enneagram describes intuitive, emotional, and thoughtful personalities, which just so happen to be the three teirs of brain structure.

All people have access to all personalities unlike enneagram teachings. It is only a matter of what part of the brain makes you comfortable and what function you must fulfill that determines what your personality actually is. Peoples personalities change frequently, and often times with different people or when they are alone.

The lack of the ability to change your personality is a dysfunction, prohibiting you from getting certain tasks achieved, but it is widely accepted because personalities have not been linked to specific parts of the brain by collegiate professionals.

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Mar 2020
Its funny we don't learn such things at school, it is a question with many answers as there are opinions.