What is behind the desire to tell others what you've been doing, thinking, or plan to do?

Jan 2022
And well you should. Put it behind you, learn from your experiences, and move on. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes. The only true mistake is to keep making he same one over and over again. Best of luck,
I think that's why I feel shame, because I actually did make the same mistake over and over again for the last 20 years, but as you said, I have, eventually, learned from it and moved on, and I'm only 40, so hopefully it's not too late to create a better existence!

Thanks very much x
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Jul 2021
I definitely will avoid them from now on. I've been friends with this person for 20 years, but I've only recently realised that friendships shouldn't be like this. He has made it obvious that he treats my life like an entertainment show - will this succeed or fail? I bet it will fail! - and if it does fail, he will tell me he thought it would - it's really quite sick, bordering on evil behaviour. All the while he sits on his fat lazy arse, sponging off his 70 year old mother, who still goes out to work caring for people in their houses, whilst he lies in bed till 10 am, then smokes and drinks her money away in the evening. I think I'm mostly embarrassed and angry with myself for tolerating this for 20 years. I literally blocked him 6 weeks ago via email and phone, so he can't contact me. I feel much better for it.
Yes, I understand what you mean. He needs to seek treatment for depression, but yes, you need to take care of you and your life of course, no question about it. Absolutely. Way to go, congratulations and best wishes for 2022.