What forms a persons personality?

May 2011
Marble, N.C.
SWM Excellent post.
I agree what we believe also is metaphysical. We are what we believe (the law of attraction). If we do not like or accept the world we create our own world according to our wishs. pljames
May 2011
Marble, N.C.
MJAlex Excellent post
I agree wholeheartedly. We are molded by our parents and all that follows that. Plus our experiences. pljames
Jan 2020
Many factors both internal and external determine the personality of an individual. Everyone hence undergoes a unique experience which shakes his personality.

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Mar 2020
I've been studying anatomy as a hobby. I've recently noticed the viral importance of the spinal chord in the role of the subconscious.

I used to be devoutly spiritual, but I believe that the spirit would have to exist above the cranium, outside of the body.

The subconscious would be the spinal chord and therefore the opposite of the spirit.

There are many explanations of personality. The only one I'm familiar with is enneagram because I bought an audiobook on it. I wasn't impressed with it because it insinuated that different people only think, only feel, or only react. I believe this to be incredibly shallow. It seems necessary to alter your function several times during the day.

As a disorganized thoughts diagnosis I'm working on organizing my functions throughout the day, but it's even harder with shutdowns in my area.

I believe there are more explanations than the enneagram. And personality can definitely depend on your social, biological, and psychological aspects as suggested in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Though CBT doesn't claim this to be personality verbatim, I believe that this is a more accurate map of someone's personality than enneagram.

The spirit is definitely there, but it has something to do with the will of Yahweh in my understanding, or as you say, Destiny.

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