Jul 2010
Personality is the result of each person's own individual neural network of synapses, which forms from both genetic and environmental factors, duh.
Mar 2010
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I believe I would not want to limit myself by the limitations of others. Each Soul has accumulated a certain level or rung upon the Ladder of Life, and my experience is that those on the lower rungs tend to contribute little to ones growth, if what one seeks is the Truth that is only available on the higher rungs of the Ladder of Life.
You don't want to limit yourself by the limitations of others? Are you omnipotent then? I say you are a dumb fuck who utilizes "esoteric" (read: not popular) words to make yourself seem important. You have an important message to teach? Yeah, go suck on a glue gun you chunkhead. The Law is for All.
*AHEM* What I meant was that if you don't conduct a litmus test now and then on your own thoughts, you could descend into delusion. You are not limiting yourself by what others think or say, you are merely receiving other peoples' perspectives. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you are the kind of person who says, "screw what others' say, I'm right," then you might, maybe, sometimes, kinda, perhaps, on occasion, be wrong... Just a thought. You're not really a dumb fuck docjp, you're more of an ambiguous one. :)


May 2008
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the closest you will see on this planet is HGA, which is an emanation of the monad.
[/quote]as an illustration, although not using the hermetic terminology so no reference to hga
May 2010
It is possible that less than readily perceivable [Esoteric] phenomena can be grasped by someone who is psychic [but may not realize it], and the person "thinks" that it is his/her brain that has acquired the unusual "bit" of higher reality. In this case, perhaps some of the "moderating" matrix of the higher reality is missed, and the result might be a certain harshness in relating this higher reality via ones thinking? In any case, there is little value served in disrespecting another person.