What are the most practical mental health resources you use in your daily life?

Jul 2020
What are the most practical mental health resources (e.g. books, podcasts, websites, theories, etc.) you use in your daily life?
Mar 2020
I'm often ruling out what are not healthy. All I can think of is rotating them frequently. I have very obsessive tendencies. I usually do something severely until I am banned. I tend to accelerate very well when doing something without slowing down. It gets so exciting that I will not stop until I have no choice or unless there is a threat. This comes from early childhood severe studying and reaction to severe punishment. I dont know how to do anything easily.

I smoke heavily because the addiction forces me out of my room every hour to make sure I never do anything in my room too long. The problem with that is that I am unable to work pretty much.

Some things I have been doing which appeared to be useful:

Cook own food
Play strategy computer game
Drive to mountains
Talk to dad
Listen to music
Listen to audiobooks

Things I learned to do but haven't been doing enough

Watch online courses
Watch online church
Read physical books
Study calculus
Read literature/poetry
Sort paperwork
Apply for jobs
Get used to change in general
Program languages
Set alarms with my voice recording to put my own thoughts in my head at various times in the day.

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