we must begin with experiences?

May 2020
Many people say that it is important that we begin learning something by having experiences. Then we explain them if neccesary.
Many polyglots, for example, say that we often start with grammar before trying to speak the language. They say that this makes it difficult to learn the language.
One person who studied language as a scientist said that we begin with some kind of experience or idea and then try to explain it. So all our cognitive thinking begins with experience rather then theory.
Is it bad to begin with grammar or theory before having a lots of experience?
Mar 2020
Do not over rate experiences. You will unprevetably have plenty of experiences in your life whether you try to or not. Your experiemces will primarily be memories not impressors. Nobody wants to be impressed. It's annoying to try to impress people. Experiences are not important compared to a stable income.

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Jun 2020
I believe that it is really more a set of expectation for that experience that makes or breaks it for us. If we have really high expectations for something and things occur that cause us to not meet all those expectations, it will completely change our outlook on said experience therefore causing us to alter our perception or need for more of that experience and make it different than it was to begin with. If that makes sense? Lol!

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