Unresolved anger

Jan 2021
Thousand Oaks
This question is about me and my issues.I want to know why I can’t seem to control my anger.I tend to lash out at people.I have a really short fuse.I’m not a violent person I just tend to be passive aggressive and sometimes just a plain bitch.I realized that it always relates back to money issues anything that deals with money.The people that usually get the brunt of my anger are bill collectors and customer service.I also can’t tolerate anyone that talks down to me or has a rude tone with me.I know this relates back to childhood trauma.I guess I just answered my own questions so I think the question is how do I control this hair trigger response? I want to handle things in a mature way without flying off the handle but it’s like I don’t have any control over my emotions in that moment.It’s like this bitchy monster takes over my body and then later on I feel bad.I wish that I had handled things better.I’m self aware but I want to be able to handle things the right way and not have to feel bad and have to apologize to people.If someone has any ideas of why I do this and how I can stop my self It would really help!