True love?

Mar 2015
Guy 1: So say a girl is just friends with benefits with a guy and she loses her virginity to him and she says she is in love with him to a friend, but never tells him. One day he rapes her and the "relationship" goes nowhere and she ends the FWB thing. It lasted three months. She stays in contact with this man, if only via social networking sites. He is engaged to a woman now. The girl's best friend suspects said girl still loves guy 1, however said girl has never directly stated that to her friend.

Guy 2: Then after a series of flings she dates a guy three months later, her first real boyfriend. She had a boyfriend for a few months years ago, but it was high school and it didn't even really reach the kissing level of intimacy. She tells this boyfriend (guy 2) that she is in love with him. She never said that to anyone and she truly notices that she has never felt this way about anyone before. She also takes this boyfriends virginity and genuinely thought he was the one. But then a little later she breaks up with him because she loses attraction to him and finds another man (guy3) to pursue before she officially exits the relationship with guy 2. Although she still loves guy 2, she is no longer IN love with him. Or so she says. (Can one ever truly fall out of love?) This relationship lasted five months.

So what really counts as a first love in this case? Guy 1 or guy 2? Do you think guy 2 will just be remembered as another guy she once dated or something more? I ask because although she felt like she was in love with guy 1, she never told him so; however with guy 2 she told him (thus making it perhaps more real) and she truly never felt that way about someone before. So was the "love" for guy 1 simply passion, or was the love for guy 2 just stronger?

Essentially what I'm asking is whether or not guy 2 is actually important and it guy 2 will ever actually have a lasting impact on said girl's memory? Please respond with the most likely scenario. Thank you
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