Threat of forcing someone to prostitution by my parents and throwing me out of the car to prostitute myself

Jul 2021
I am 35 years old. The issue is that my parents both suffer from mental illness, my father is a paranoid schizophrenic who claimed I was plotting against him, and my mother believed him because she is a suggestible histrionic. They both made several threats, but nothing novel. I tried everything but somehow nothing appeals to their empathy and in the end, although I was very afraid for my life, I did not know what to do. I realise it may be domestic abuse, and it is illegal. Then they even threatened to go to the police and get me in trouble like the police employee who tried to rape me did. Although they were raised in a good environment with good parents they somehow think that it is what I deserve, and I have never wronged my parents at all, in fact I always sided with them. I am disappointed. I feel heartbroken towards my siblings as my elder brother had an argument with his wife yesterday due to my parents showing up at their house, and I feel very sad about this. My dad seems like an envious guy, and he always checks on women, cheats and does other things, but apparently my mother likes it, at this stage, if she thinks I should get thrown out of a car and killed. She also was told by him that I slept with many guys and thus this is the only solution for me, but I have never slept with anyone, he is just lying and I said I think if he does this with me, then you are going to be next, which made her come back to her senses. But I am very disappointed by them. My mother even said she wouldn't let me go home to get my stuff and money and they wanted to throw me in the countryside.

I didn't tell anybody, but yes, it is a crime to behave this way. I am a bit stressed and don't know what to do. I can't even look in their eyes.

I am avoiding them, but then I got mocked just now, and I responded back because I feel it's unfair how they try to put I and siblings against each others, and they have mental illnesses that are not being treated. I am a victim of organised crime already and this is a bit too much. I didn't like the threat that since the police employee mobster did that to me, they are going to do the same.

Anyway I did see him try to manipulate her into harming me and it wasn't a great show. I know she only cares about my dad and not about we adult children and pet, they never cared. But this is not a father, sorry. He even told her to report me, and say this that about me to the police, and I was in shock. And all this because I said I don't want him to raise his hands and I don't want him to badmouth my siblings in front of me, as it hurts me and I have no idea how we survived but I ended up in hospital. I used to live alone, but during the covid I was invited at home and so I came, and because I had a police employee rapist stalking me so whilst the lawyer dealt with that I decided to stay with them, but I decided to leave today, I just couldn't believe in these circumstances.

They kept lying that my sibling hates me, but I know he doesn't and they are just angry that he didn't put up with their crap either. Unfortunately his wife not the best, and socially doesn't understand things and also gets easily manipulated.

I understand it is a mental illness, but he never goes to the doctor, and they support each other in their mental illnesses. He doesn't know right from wrong, but does think we are out to get him. He has been watching a lot of conspiracy theories lately, but she also believes them now which is why it is strange. Also up until yesterday he hated my other sibling, now all of a sudden he loves my other sibling, but I know now it is not real love.

I feel like all my life also when I lived on my own I was stalked by someone like my father, whether a female or male who wanted to break me down and force me into homelessness, drugs and prostitution, but I resisted and was fine, however this is not good for me. Is this domestic violence too? Or what do you think it is? Where my parents it is against the law not to support an adult child in difficulty or who is studying and they are not doing it, however, in all honesty all my life was like this. My mother started calling me a "whore" randomly too, it was a bit crazy, but I am a bit worried about their behaviour and I did get scared by both, although more my dad, as he has not even the slightest empathy, and it was pretty shocking. The men in this country treat all women like prostitutes, so I can understand but it's a bit sick that he sees me as a prostitute. I have two doctorates. Am I dealing with a psychotic schizophrenic or what? He even said he is going to tell the police that he beat me and that he is going to get away with it too and that he is going to tell them I am mentally ill for hurting his pride. He even said I "provoked the beatings" in the past, when all I did was criticising him for continuously putting me down. Idk who he talks to online he checks conspiracy theory sites, but the issue is my mother is a bit dumm too and she doesn't understand he is a dumm, and he is putting our lives in danger. I can't believe they can't be parents and protect children adult and young at all. I always looked out for myself and siblings because they failed to do it, and it was exhausting, and they even wanted us to look out for them, but they will kill you if they could just because they don't want to be a parent.
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