Thematic analysis terminology

Nov 2020

I'm currently doing a PhD in social psychology. I have undertaken qualitative interviews and carried out thematic analysis. After the themes I have also noticed what I described as 'threads' which ran across the themes. Unfortunately my supervisor didn't seem to think this was appropriate. So I wonder if anyone had any guidance as what I could use and any research supporting the concept?

Thanks in advance this is my first post

Mar 2020
Part of education is cross topical studies. Its very smart for you to cross threads of themes. I do it for fun. It's basically general education. And it's called "generalism." Psychology is a general field. So you are actually doing psychology correctly. What your instructor wants is called "specialism." That's when each topic is a distinct category. Specialism is much more functional and focused. It is the structure whereas generalism is the rooms. As a psychiatrist you will be a specialist. As a psychologist you would be a generalist. It is impossible to do both, but they work together. The human brain simply cannot comprehend both at the same time. As you specialize (categorical focus) you will automatically forget generalism. It exercises a different part of the brain. If you want to do both you will find yourself going back and forth between two pretty much oposite personalities, and you won't be able to be good at either one, because the confusion will be too great, and you could develop your own personality disorder mental illness and become a patient. Not a doctor.

If you want to continue with psychiatry. Please just keep to the book.

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Dec 2020