The stigma of emotional illness.

May 2011
Marble, N.C.
I have had emotional episodes all my life. Not knowing how to deal with them. I am not alone. Why are therapist bias against having patients as a assistant therapist? Both patient and therapist see the issue from two viewpoints one the patience/client one the therapists training. I understand that time is a factor in bringing to light the clients reason helped by the therapist. Is the therapist concerned the therapist/patient might have a relapse because of day in and day out sessions with a client and might trigger a emotional response?

Do therapists have emotional stress as well as the client after repeated sessions of depression and negativity from the client/patient? If the therapist gets treated and they go back to work, then why can't the patient/client as well get involved with mental health as a assisted therapist as well with credentials? Thoughts please. Paul