The relation between autists and sociopaths

Jul 2021
I have been professionally diagnosed with autism when i was like 6-8 so lets say seven, I have been really changing my behavior the last time and i think i might have been diagnosed wrong and im a psycopath or i have turned in a sociopath. I also have a lot of symptons of schrizoperia such as hallucinations. My mother always gives me
melatonin because i have sleeping problems and that seems to help against the hallucinations. Im really confused what do i have?
Jul 2021
I have no idea what you have, only your doctor would know. Autistic people love to be psychopaths I know this, but as it says they are autistic and therefore affected by ASD which makes them sick and thus need treatment. In general, if you are having schizophrenia, such as hallucinations, I presume visual, it's ok to keep a journal against medications or against melatonin. Generally it is unlikely that melatonin would cause hallucinations, but it is given because ASD is characterised by serotonin deficiency, pharmacologically, I mean. However, in psychopathy you have the exact opposite, they are exactly your opposite, as they produce excess in serotonin, it could be opposites attract, as in for example the ASD is very self-conscious about being sick (about coordination and movements for example), and thus seeks out the psychopath who is charming and not self-conscious at all, thinking that is one personality he-she could aspire to, or because of supposedly impaired social skills does not understand how bad psychopathy is, and will think things that are not real about the psychopath I presume, or a combination of both. Hope this helps. The autistic person is very sad, the psychopath is very happy, that can be another factor, the autistic will want to be happy :) and again a lack of information, the happy neurotransmitter is serotonin, which you don't have (not to the normal amounts).

Honestly there are a lot more people out there than psychopaths to associate with, it's weird that you find psychopaths cool, they are quite the opposite, but you can do what you want. I suppose the unconventionality of crime is also attractive, but both personalities are all too predictable and I just avoid both. The ASD is usually easily dragged into substance abuse by psychopaths and that is how they turn into sociopathic, either that or into sex (as they are hypersexual), or dragged in the world of alcohol and that's how the psychopaths recruit criminals, but sick people are only objects to them, nothing more... Cool, right? No, it's not cool. Exposing the psychopath to the law department and having them assessed psychiatrically is what is cool and thus preventing them from harming others.

In the end, even a cancer patient would fall prey to a psychopath, regardless of mental health, so no point in feeling sad about it, and in fact psychopaths cause cancers in those who associate with them, whilst they harm fast those who reject them. They are not an example. Not many autistic people go to school, all your bullies were psychopaths too, so to say cool thank you, I could never do that, tbh, and if I had to do that, I wouldn't mean it.
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