The Mental Health Risks of Living Abroad and Ways to Combat Negative Effects

Jul 2020
Bremerton, WA
According to the World Health Organization, depression affects more than 264 million people in the world and is a leading cause of disability and contributor to disease. It is evident that mental health is a global crisis and needs addressed, especially when about 2,190 people die from suicide each day ( These statistics aide in identifying the problem and scope of the mental health crisis. Keeping this in mind I will now ask a few questions - How might living abroad affect one’s symptoms of varying mental illnesses? What are some effective ways of combating these negative effects? And what are the not so effective ways of combating these negative effects?
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Mar 2020
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I always imagined that living abroad would be extremely exciting. The fear of being taken advantage of by people I am not familiar with would motivate me to stay on my toes making it exciting. Seeing landscape and sights I have never seen before would make me feel accomplished. I have always dreamed of leaving my area and rarely ever do. I've never been overseas. I would liken the travel to a child hood dream to see the world before I left it in death. I have pretty much resigned myself to never leaving my parents.

I cannot think of any depressive effects of living abroad, unless if I were depressed it would even be worse because I expected that it would be not depressing. If I thought it would be exciting and then it was depressing I would be even more depressed.

The funny thing about fantasy is that it is always awesome to dream and when you find yourself standing on a street corner with north south east and west still being north south east and west only in a different location, reality is never as exciting as fantasy to me.

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