The hidden masks of people.

May 2011
Marble, N.C.
For whatever reason I cannot explain, I seem to sense people as they are not, but should be. Why is my question? In time they do not seem what they act like. I am becoming suspicious of everybody I meet. What emotion causes this behavior (becoming suspicious and why people aren't what they seem)? Paul
Sep 2012
Rochester, New York
I think it's boundries. We find that we have found out enough about another person and we raise our boundries.
May 2020
Maybe it's a sort of anxiety?
Actually it can be that you are really sensitive to people and can understand more about them than they actually do themselves
Mar 2020
I used to have a fantasy utopia too. Truth is the most important thing is to be civilized. Being civilized requires acting appropriately in ways that are expected. It's bad to stand out. You don't have to enjoy acting but it should definitely be on your list of important tools. Truth can be damaging or distracting in some cases especially if it is not filtered to the topic. Truth is good but it should not be your primary concern when acting appropriately.

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