The desire to pursue everything you see

Does anybody feel the same ?

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Aug 2020
So hello guys I am 20 years old.
I live in Germany.
I have a hard time to find a profession.
Not only because of the paradox of choice, but because I have this urge to pursue everything I see that I find interest in I like rap music so I thought about starting to rap, I like teaching and learning I thought about being a teacher, I love doing justice to everyone who is mistreated I thought about becoming a police officer etc. But yesterday I became so annoyed because I feel like I waste time doing everything.
But choosing a path to pursue.
I watched UFC with a friend of mine and suddenly I thought about how cool it would be to do MMA although I hate fighting and violence but I always empathize with the situations given to me and put myself in the place of for example like yesterday’s match. What would I do if I were to go inside a octagon? Would it make me happy? Could I ever be good enough? So I end up doing nothing! I become depressed till I see something new that catches my eye and I shine for a second just to become depressed again. My anxieties get worse the more I think about the future..
I thought about starting to stream because of my love of gaming, I started to think about doing a podcast because I love philosophizing and talking about many topics. I started thinking about activism because I am a person of color confronted with racism like everyday. I stand for the LGBTQ+ community and Co-launched marches. The list goes on and on. Yet I’m sitting here writing this words In hopes that someone explains to me why I do this to understand my thought and maybe control or stop to do so. Is there any psychological explanation for the „desire to pursue everything“. What can I do about it? How can I find what fulfills me in a depressing world were social media makes you feel like you ain’t nothing but a piece of shit because you’re not rich or successful by the age of 16 or own your own house at the age of 20...
Aug 2020
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Mar 2020
You're in the most important part of your life. You naturally feel inclined to know everything. Know that you will never be able to do anything if you want to do everything. You can only do one thing with your life. It is very important that you learn how to focus. Think of letting go of everything else as a sacrifice to the one thing you decide to do. It wouldn't even hurt to flip a coin. You absolutely must decide on one thing that is worth your entire life.

Think of your path as a ship across the ocean. You can steer it from one direction to another, but you must pass all points between the two destinations.

You can spend your whole life going in circles making a lot of turns, or you can reach your destination across the ocean sooner and then once you've hit success at one thing, you can seek a new destination after hitting the first destination.

You will be much happier at age 30. If you have hit a few destinations between now and then, than if you were to embark on many destinations without hitting any.

You may also incorporate many interests together like Leonardo davinci, but it must make sense to a single topic, and you need to avoid triggering an Inquisition. Yes there are inquisitions against Renaissance men still.

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