The brain and death

Aug 2021
I am very curious on how the brain work when someone dies. How much damage does the brain have to endure till it dies and what happens when is endures a little damage and how that affects the person personality/ other traits. If anyone knows, please inform me. Thanks.
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Aug 2021
Austin, TX
Sorry, but there is not easy answer to your question...the brain is very adaptable, and if one part becomes injured, another part may take over function for the damaged area. There are probably studies you can access online which may give you more comprehensive information for your question...
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Jul 2021
Definitely, I am going to answer to that. Neuronal cell death is the last one that occurs, initially it is all other cells that die, and lastly it is your neurons, that is because during death you release endorphins and serotonin to produce anesthesia and dreams to reduce the pain and protect itself, in theory, but I can imagine it is painful when the amount of endorphins produced ends. It is why some people prefer to die in hospital than elsewhere, because they get anesthetics administered to relieve pain. Honestly, I couldn't tell you how painful it is, but initially it is not painful and you also dream. I personally think the reason why the neurons produce endorphins and serotonin is because they want to survive and fight against death, but don't manage to, otherwise why would you do that? And we don't want to die, it might be the hint that maybe we are still backward in understanding what life is and whether we could eventually live longer or not. The issue is that psychopaths are reducing our progress with their constant bs, wars, stalking, false allegations, rape, murder and more. It is why I can't tolerate them one bit, and I regret glancing or chatting with them as well. Unfortunately sometimes other people confuse me, when they do interact with one, and I should not let it. I do not know why we are told that death is great. Psychopaths don't understand a thing unfortunately in life, and they cause death.
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