The best spiritual methods for psychological diseases

Feb 2020
1. Theta Healing Method : This Method was Founded by Vianna Stibal! Vianna canceled her cancer with this method. Than now she created a system about this method ( theta Healing ) .. This is very nice method to clean negative energy.
Human brain has some frequencies.. One of them is Theta. When you are in Theta You can Change your mind. you can add or throw something in your subconcuessness area.
You should know this.

2. Access Bars : This method was founded by Gray Dougles ! İn our head , we have 32 points to touch to clean energy from the Brain. So usefull, enjoyable and Beneficial for Anxiety, Panic disorder, Ocd , depression .....

3. Sedona Method : You can find the way how to use this method on Youtube! Just Write on youtube " Sedona Method Hale Dwoskin " and you will learn how to do ..

4. Cosmic Energy Healing : This method Was founded by Vladimir A. Petrov. Cosmic Energy Healing method has many channel ( frequency ) for healing some illness. This is so good and different method for being better..

Thank you.. I hope this knowledge will be Beneficial For you All.