Subscious vs conscious.

May 2011
Marble, N.C.
I got mad at my subconscious because of my emotional outbursts of depression and anger. I've been calm ever sense. I done the same thing with my subconscious about my meds. I've been of of them for a month. Tell me mind over matter does not work? I was unaware I even had a subconscious until I read up on it. Thoughts please. Paul
Sep 2012
Rochester, New York
The subconcious is interesting in psychology. I think that is what therepy is for getting in touch with the subconcious.
It's good you are able to reach that part of yourself. Like anything else treat it good and it will be good to you.
Mar 2020
You feed your subconscious with your conscious. As far as I know your subconscious is long term memory. It is the reptilian part of your brain, which controls intuition, near the brain stem. It is in charge of whether you feel challenging, peaceful, or reformative.

Peace is a struggle for me. I suppose the ultimate peace is death. The brain had to be upset in one way or another to have a reason to keep functioning. It is good to think of upsetness as a reason for being alive.

However upsetness can affect the way you treat yourself and others. So it is important to solve your upsetness as well and acknowledge when and why other people are upset for self preservation.

Solving upsetness too fast results in a life of not having any purpose, but solving upsetness too slowly results in overflowing it to other people.

I am currently working on organizing what I get upset about. I'm trying to make a routine of getting upset over different things on different days and times of the day. This is the root of establishing an organized routine, because your upsetness determines your behavior.

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