Subconscious and Unconscious Thoughts

Oct 2010
The subconscious and the unconscious is much more powerful than you think. I find it amazing how anybody can dispute such thought processes. If you are not aware of how you think or feel, how can you make positive or negative judgements about your own actions and behaviors as well as any other person? For example, people may claim to not be racist yet their subconscious associations may indicate otherwise ( Or people may claim that money or power doesn't matter to them yet rigorous experiments indicate otherwise ( Or people may claim that physical attractiveness does't matter when getting a job yet I could have sworn that I learned it does matter in business management when I attended the university (

Here is the dictionary's definition of subconscious:
sub·con·scious [suhb-kon-shuhs] Show IPA
1.existing or operating in the mind beneath or beyond consciousness: the subconscious self. Compare preconscious, unconscious.
2.imperfectly or not wholly conscious: subconscious motivations.
3.the totality of mental processes of which the individual is not aware; unreportable mental activities.

Here is the dictionary's definition of unconscious:
1. not conscious; without awareness, sensation, or cognition.
2. temporarily devoid of consciousness.
3. not perceived at the level of awareness; occurring below the level of conscious thought: an unconscious impulse.
4. not consciously realized, planned, or done; without conscious volition or intent: an unconscious social slight.
5. not endowed with mental faculties: the unconscious stones.
6. the unconscious, Psychoanalysis . the part of the mind containing psychic material that is only rarely accessible to awareness but that has a pronounced influence on behavior.

Sep 2012
Rochester, New York
God say's "For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you."
His plans are for goodness and mercy.
Your subconscious is known for obtaining for yourself the options.
God's song; "I'm more than just an option means there is more to life than just haveing."