Strange coworker

Jan 2021
Thousand Oaks
I have a coworker that makes up wild stories that couldn’t possibly be true.He comes to work dressed like his coworkers.He’s like a child pretending to be these different characters.He has no social graces,for example he just yells out offensive comments about gay people.Somtimes it’s like he has turrets because he just blurts things out and acts completely crazy.He is not a mean or aggressive person but I do notice that he gets worked up about things that are really petty and he can’t let it go.When I tried to explaine to him that using homophobic language could get him in trouble he said he didn’t know what homophobic meant.There is no way to fully grasp what I’m saying unless you met this guy but From what I’ve said can someone give me an idea of why a person would make up lies about themself and have all these different personalities.