Stepping on people

Mar 2020
I worked as a night clerk at a superstore last year and I tried to be really cheerful to keep my energy levels up. My dad was teaching me scrum, a new work method where workers discussed the best way to handle things for more efficiency. I could help but try to discuss things with my coworkers because the manager thought it was a good idea. I later got in trouble for having an opinion and I realized scrum was really bad at my job, it got me in trouble. I stopped doing that.

I also tried to be really cheerful. I enjoyed working at that place and it kept my energy level up. Two coworkers and the manager thought it was funny to call me a fag. It didn't really bother me but I couldn't help saying "oh yeah?" I put up with it till they just put me in price changing because it was causing a distraction that I was being bullied even though I was taking it well.

In price changing. The first night I prepared all my tags and signs and went to lunch. When I came back from lunch to post them all, someone had hidden them. They weren't even in the garbage. I was pissed but I tried not to show it. I emailed my head manager telling her that the job couldn't get done because it was sabotauged. I emailed her three times just to make it clear and I wanted to add details.

I started printing the tags and signs all over again knowing I couldn't post them in time. The printer wasn't working. I opened and closed the door several times acting really stoic. The woman who was sitting next to me told me that I was scaring her and she didn't feel safe around me. There was nothing I could do.

The next evening one of the managers brought me back to the office really nicely. When I got there there were 3 managers. And they listed accusations and asked me to quit. Of course I quit it was better than getting terminated.

I've learned to act really dumb not to scare anyone, but when I'm dumb it's hard to have the energy to work. So nothing is possible. People can't handle energy but they want it.

That's why China is going to win WWIII.


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