spanking / smacking children right or wrong?

who should decide wether a child is hit by their parents?

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Apr 2009
[quote author=Bill Hemphill link=topic=422.msg3640#msg3640 date=1243358447]
Great topic SWM! There are principles within this topic that could be utilized in our courts.
Jul 2009
I begged my parents to spank me, I would much rather have small physical punishment than prolonged boredom, or loss of value. People act like spanking is more abusive because it's physical, when it is well known that the greatest tortures that can be inflicted are mental, isolation, for example, depravity, another.

Remember that as punishment, harm does in fact need to be inflicted, otherwise a lesson is not learned. I think the punishment should fit the crime, to reinforce the relative punishments of these actions related to the real world opposed from childhood. Some children may develop the idea that they can get away with this behavior later if they see that the punishment will go away.