Should children see or hear their parents having sex?

Jan 2012
I believe that the act of seeing one's parents having sexual intercourse is not initially traumatising. I am speaking from a purely evolutionary basis; as this "shame" we feel about this topic, which deems the who concept as immoral, is a socially created feeling. So no it may not harm the long as it is then not subjected to it's environment's moral/beliefs....which would prove difficult to do. So inevitably the child will become familiar with the notion of seeing one's parent having sexual intercourse as being disturbing/wrong, whatever you would like to label it, which may then result in a deep feeling of "Why was I subjected to this as a child" or something similar.
I am aware that being a big fan of Freud alot of what I said maybe leading towards his views, which you may not fully agree with, but please give me our opinion.

Many thanks
Nov 2008
I gave this more thought and another aspect came into my thoughts. One of the psycological effects when someone is abused or raped is arousal. I have discussed this with several women who had been abused and one man. They felt quilty about the fact that when the abuse / rape happened they were aroused to an extent. If someone saw their parants having sex and they felt aroused it could mess them up later. I remember when I went to the kitchen at night and saw my mom giving my dad a BJ on the couch, it stuck in my head and I kept remembering it. It gave me a "boner" everytime I remembered it. I am not aware of any long term effects. Except I really like oral sex. This might not have anything to do with that incidence though. Maybe it does on some subconscious level.

Another aspect is the difference between girls are raised and boys. It isn't as much today as it was in my day, but guys were supposed to try and flirt or even suduce girls and the girls were supposed to resist. With more traditional upbringing it could make girls more likely to feel quility.