Sexual Assault

Feb 2021
I invited a man (not my boyfriend), over to my home for dinner. After dinner, he stood up from his seat and told me that he was going home.
So, I gave him a friendly hug and in turn, he grinded his groin into mine "very" aggressively". Needless to say, I was completely shocked
by this, because this guy has been friendly, to me, and kind and we were working on being friends; until this happened.
This guy is my next door neighbor.
I asked him if he wanted to me and he said "Yes", so we did the deed. We had been flirting (he was playing with my ass), and
touching me affectionately in my truck while I was driving. He seemed "very" into a relationship, with me.
Then, he started playing games. Telling me "how" he wanted "rules" in our relationship, like he wanted to know "when I talked with another man"
and what I was doing, etc. Sounds very 'controlling, to me".

I told him that he just wanted sex, from me, that I was NOT some whore and didn't mess around.

Now, he is hiding in his home, does not come out, and is avoiding me, at all costs. I have sent him text messages
and he won't answer.

Why won't he talk with me? I don't understand?

I am VERY hurt, upset and can't stop thinking about him.

Should I write him a letter? Should I go knock on his door?

Or, ,should I just walk away? I want to talk this through, with him.