Rushing at Sports (Why can't take my time?)

Sep 2021
Stockport, Greater Manchester

Firstly thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I have suffered from severe social phobia (hugely improved) and low self-esteem for years.

I love playing cue sports but I have discovered a stumbling block which is stopping me from improving any further. It's very frustrating.

I find it almost impossible to slow down and walk around the table inbetween shots which would allow me to analyse clearance routes, develop a positional plan and clear my mind generally prior to my next shot.

My technical ability is good but this block is killing me. I am beating myself.

Can you help?
Aug 2021
Austin, TX
Try pacing yourself between shots, perhaps take ten deep breaths, turn away from the table and focus your attention on something else for those ten breaths then turn your attention back to the table, perhaps even from a different angle. This should give your brain a chance to refresh your analysis of where you are on the table and spatially in relation to the table. Anything you can do to slow your brain down and allow it to reset before you begin to analyze your next shot...
Watch out for the 8 ball,