Raising an introverted daughter

Jun 2020
I have a 15 year old introverted daughter who claims herself to be a tomboy. She is not very social and has only 1 friend (while I encourage her to make more friends). She does not actively participate in classes and answer only when she is asked questions. She is reluctant to speak to her teachers, and also to her classmates. Her teachers oppose this inwardness and is encouraging her to become an extrovert, and also trying to make her 'understand' that she is not 'actually' introvert. They claim that eing introvert is a negative quality which no one should have. Her classmates term her mentally unwell because of this. Even if i encourage her to have some extrovert qualities, she never listens. I'm now worried whether she'll ever get a job if she doesn't have at least some extroverted qualities. Please suggest what i should do.

Are you sure she doesn't actually have social anxiety and need therapy / medication / help?