Psychopathy: addicted to Gs?

Mar 2020
Am I a psychopath if I can't focus enough? I get the most pleasure out of being disturbed and even being in death risking situations. Gunfire excites me. I'd rather watch the world go up in "cleansing" gun battles than live as a pathetic imp.

I like staying up late at night and sleeping all day long. I get bored easily but I never do anything productive. I only chase highs. I get so high that I crash hard and then I get high on something different.

I imagine FBI and CIA watching me because feeling important is all that matters to me. I can't possibly work to earn money so I constantly come to terms with death. And since I am ready to die, why not take the whole world down, I won't see it anyway.

It seems there is a radio station in my head and people worship me and agree with everything I say or attack me abusively so that I cannot think through telepathy.

When everyone agrees with me I am unable to do my dark highs. When everyone disagrees with me it is so distracting I can't possibly live, I must destroy everything.

No real freedom when your whole brain is broadcasted.

Is this delusion a product of ingredient of my pychopathic G addiction?

Am I Jewish now?

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