Psychology of God and Satan

Mar 2020
The Christian idea of a human God puts God under psychological category. Knowing humanity we know God according to Christianity. God had a human mind and thought exactly like a human. No other religion puts God under the psychological field of study.

Christianity is the root of much anxiety for it's suppression of hormones. Hormones being what motivates people toward sex and violence, sin according to a Christian. Therefore the suppression of hormones is anxiety, the residence of hormonally inspired reflex sin, which causes reflexive non cognitive chain reactions.

Suppressing hormones, anxiety, is not necessarily good or bad, people have different ideas about suppressing sex, violence, though it is comonly accepted that violence is bad, sex, which is at the root of all violence and competition seems to be considered a good thing.

Hormones are expressed in the reptilian reflexive base of our brain from what I understand. Satan was a snake, meaning he had no emotions or thoughts just reflexes. Therefore it is natural that we attribute hormonal phenomenon to Satan.

Judaic scripture refers to intelligence and wisdom as the staple of obeying God, specifically in the Psalms of king David. Judaic religions literally attribute the top thinking part of our brain to God, and the Christian idea that God was a man confirms that our thoughts and human intelligence make us godly.

In defense of judaic religions. God seems to be something greater than thought, who watches and guides us. This is something that can't be comprehended by the human brain, and it promotes the attribute of faith in what cannot possibly be known during human life.

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