primordial mind

May 2011
Marble, N.C.
??? I heard the expresion the primordial mind. I assume this means (like cave man). What gains in evolution has mans mind exspanded or evolved? The term (universal mind comes to mind). I can understand primitive man just trying to stay alive because of his enviroment at that time. But what of todays (the so called twenty first century? We still have emotional illness's. We still have wars and kill. Have we really evolved as a intellectual present day society?

If man has been here a (thousand, thousands or millions of years why does he still act primitive? One would think he would have learned by now the way of peaceful habitation with his fellow creature. It would seem the mind is capable of evolving but because of society it creates it's own problems. Man is flawed (be it intellent being or genetics) that's a fact.

How does one exspand the mind to understand what the problem are and correct it after millions of years of social programming? Thoughts please. pljames