Please help...

Jul 2021
Since I can remember I've always had this 0-60 thought process that my loved ones were dead or seriously injured if they were unreachable at the moment.
For insight I'm 27 now, I vividly remember when I was 16 waiting to be picked up from my mom at a certain time and it was 5 mins past and I went outside and saw a helicopter hovering in the distance and immediately thought there was a pile up and my mom was in it dead.
This thought process occurred for the first time before i was 10 i believe. But that instance i just recalled i can still remember so distinctively it makes my heart race still.
Now as an adult when I can't reach my significant other I assume the worse as well. I literally just looked into the local hospitals when i hadn't heard from or been able to reach them all day.
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Jul 2021
Hi there,
It's probably a good idea to talk to a professional. You know just sharing the feelings and thoughts with them.