Peer qualifications?

Mar 2020
I earn people's trust too easily and my speach is too fluid and confident.

Would I basically end up a cult leader if I tried to become a peer counselor?

I enjoy sharing my perspective but I'm afraid I become the go to guy for everything and I overshadow other people's decisions. I think that is the epitomy of not psychology.

I have a good professional personality, I'm actually an excellent salesman, and I consider myself recovered.

Am I overqualified for psychology?

Am I supposed to tell someone it's ok to get a gender change when I've seen transexuals who lost their hormones have terrible psychiatric conditions?

Am I supposed to withhold my experience even if my insight might provide them with understanding that will help them make their own decisions?

How much do I actually help? What if I could totally fix their problems fast and they didn't need therapy anymore? Would I destroy the clinic?

Maybe hotlines are more my thing?

Do i withhold myself completely? Do I ever intervene? Is my perspective actually harmful? Is there a party line to tow?

An answer to any one of these questions would be very nice.

Thank you.

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