Patient Therapist Codependence?

Jan 2021
I broke up with my girlfriend recently, after 3 years, and went into therapy. I have emotional addiction, but getting better.
Recently I learned about codependency, and articles about love addict/love avoidant read like our biography.
She has many significant psychological issues. Some self admitted. But realization that she is almost certainly love avoidant tied many of those issues and also our issues together pretty well.
I'll give you just two related examples, out of many:
- She is "enabler" and I used to escape frustration via alcohol. I asked her many times to not let me drink. But every time I could drink right in front of her only couple days later.
- She has two sons who spend all their free time playing computer games. Since covid started, they went outside only twice, as far as I know. And she denies that they have an addiction.
However, one thing still remained a mystery. For about 7 years she's been seeing a therapist.. Twice a week. During our time her therapist remained an invisible figure, in a sense that my gf didn't change, she didn't do any homework, didn't tell me about any progress.
My friend suggested that her and her therapist are most likely also codependents. That would make sense.
What else could it be? What is the chance that it's me imagining things, going crazy?
I feel good, my recovery is going well.