Partner catastrophizing - my fault?

Jun 2021
So my ex-partner have this tendency of catastrophizing. For example haveing thoughts that I will enter his home and stab him to death during his sleep. It's not like he's dreaming, Theese are real thoughts. There is noe apparent reason why he would think so.

We have a child custody issue going, and the reason I know abut theese thoughts of his, is because he has told the evaluator. He has apparently also told his own mental health provider.
I guess what he's getting at, is that the whole thing is my fault for beeing such a bad ex spouse.
He has had issues with anxiety the last 20-25 years since he was a teenager.
Is it credible that he could blame me and because I am so and so, he is catastrophizing?
Jul 2021
Let the mental health provider deal with his problems, that is what they are there for.
Don't make his mental health problems be your own.
Live and let live.