Participants needed for a study on Hunger and Cognition

Apr 2020
Newcastle upon Tyne
Hi all,

If you want something different to do one morning we are recruiting for an online study looking at hunger and cognition. It involves a questionnaire and then playing a short adventure game involving dungeons and an ogre etc.
Everyone who takes part is entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher.
If interested or have any further questions please contact us

Mar 2020
I can tell you that hunger increases my senses and gives me a sense of pride. Whenever I feel strongly about getting something done, I starve myself on purpose until I get it done. This can last year's depending on how difficult the goal is. As far as I can tell people who starve are much kinder and more appreciative. As well as more "devout" in desire. It can be used as a tool to increase the value of a desire that I refuse to let go of,or would feel guilty about letting go of, or am convinced that if I let go of it I would be worse off or never be able to replace it. Withholding anything critical is a way of motivating as a reward mechanism and seriousness enhancer. It also deepens thought, but takes away lavishness of my personality.

My experience.

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