Our Perceptions and Thoughts are not Infallible

Feb 2011
Believing thoughts ,without checking veracity, makes us vulnerable to fallibility.(error prone).
The automatic parts of our brain do not recognize that limitation.
In order to survive, reaction must be fast, so that makes us 'mistake prone' by necessity.
The biggest mistake we all make is not recognizing that our amygdalae react to 'believed' thoughts as if they were (unquestionably) true/real.
When 'believing' is made a subliminal habit, we innocently increase our "mistake proneness".

Scammers and bullies depend on their 'marks' and 'victims' subliminally believing what is said to them.
We, unwittingly, deceive our amygdalae the same way the scammers and bullies do; when we believe thoughts are true/real.
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Sep 2012
Here, Now
You know, if I had read this before posting in the "believing" thread, I might have simply linked to this one as a reply. ;)