Organised crime and people who allow it: are they psychopaths too or worse?

Jul 2021
And I don't think that psychopathy is that common among politicians, but yes you see that in mixed law countries that allow, finance, and support organised criminals? How come this happens and what should be done against it? It seems that in Europe places like Scotland which have this serious problem refuse to recognise and acknowledge the problem, but in this way, they are just creating more victims, however, the traveller that goes there and becomes a victim, is the responsibility of the other States, but first they don't speak against it nor warn against it, they always warn against this country and that country, but having been in some of those countries and not having experienced any such thing, it makes me confused about why some people are so "unaware" of the good and bad countries either. If you recognise the place as a criminal state, such as Scotland, then you are saving lives. Only, they don't do that, but you do see them talk about African countries that are unsafe, of course but I think no place on earth is as unsafe as Scotland, so I don't get why it is not on the list of organised criminal countries. Yes, they lie, but so what you can investigate and at least let people know this is what they do if you go there, so that at least they can decide for themselves whether to go there or not and evaluate safety, but they somewhat don't do that. And they used to do a lot of crimes, before Brexit, so it makes no sense to be honest, that it is still unrecognised as a criminal country.
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